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A Focus on Risk

The last several decades have been defined by declining interest rates, dollar hegemony and increases in globalization.

The world has changed and so to has the landscape for investors.

Traditional 60/40 portfolios have seen a level of stress not anticipated by many investors.  Combined with more muted forward looking expectations around bond and equity returns and it is no surprise that investors are starting to place more of an emphasis on alternative asset classes, diversification and hard-assets specifically.

Please see important information regarding risks below.


A long history of alternative risk-management

Our Guiding Principles


The world (and therefore the investing landscape) is changing more rapidly now than anytime in recent history.  As such we believe its paramount that asset managers be constantly researching.  The era of “big data” is upon us and investors need to ensure that they are utilizing it to their advantage.  We have a dedicated research arm at IDX Insights devoted to research and innovation.

Risk Conscious

Ever since the ground-breaking work of Markowitz, investors have understood the link between underwriting risk in exchange for an expectation around return.   Equally important is understanding how risks vary over time. Our Risk-Conscious approach isn’t designed to avoid risk.  It seeks to only avoid “bad” risks…whether it’s bonds or bitcoin.

Systematic & Transparent

Our research focus means we rely heavily on an evidence-based approach to investment management.  That means we are systematic, rules-based and rely on time-tested principles both academically and empirically.  Many times, much of our methodology will be published in our papers or on our research site.

Why Does it Make Sense to Own (BTIDX)?

  • The IDX Risk-Managed Bitcoin Strategy Fund (BTIDX) seeks to Harvest the Volatility of the asset class via a  rules-based, risk-managed approach to owning CME Bitcoin Futures and publicly traded Bitcoin Industry companies.

  • The IDX Risk-Managed Bitcoin Strategy Fund (BTIDX) seeks to mitigate the risk-of-loss (downside capture) relative to a long-only (passive) exposure to the asset class.

  • The IDX Risk-Managed Bitcoin Strategy Fund (BTIDX) is a US Mutual Fund regulated by the US Securities and Exchange Commission, and unlike owning Bitcoin (BTC) directly, the IDX Risk-Managed Bitcoin Strategy Fund (BTIDX) can be owned in US brokerage accounts and US retirement accounts held at US custodians.

The Fund does not invest directly in or hold bitcoin.
The price of bitcoin futures contracts should be expected to differ from the current cash price of bitcoin, which is sometimes referred to as the “spot” price of bitcoin. Consequently, the performance of the Fund should be expected to perform differently from the spot price of bitcoin. These differences could be significant. Bitcoin and bitcoin futures contracts are a relatively new asset class and are subject to unique and substantial risks, including the risk that the value of the Fund’s investments could decline rapidly, including to zero. Bitcoin and bitcoin futures contracts have historically been more volatile
than traditional asset classes. You should be prepared to lose your entire investment.

Why Does it Make Sense to Own (COIDX)?

  • The IDX Commodity Opportunities Fund (COIDX) seeks to opportunistically participate in commodities markets and related companies, both long and short.

  • The IDX Commodity Opportunities Fund (COIDX) has the potential to make money in any environment, including when commodities may be out of favor. 

  • The IDX Commodity Opportunities Fund (COIDX) provides managed exposure to commodities for investors who seek exposure to the asset class but don’t want long-only exposure and don’t want to manage futures contracts themselves.

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